Monday, September 8, 2008

Well hey I won an award!

Things are heating up on the school/painting front, with
lots of art deadlines coming up. I'm painting big time,
but nothing is ready for your inspection, so I'm going
through the sketches and paintings I've done in recent
years just to keep the images flowing.

Figure study
acrylic on watercolour paper
18" x 24"

And today I've been incredibly happy driving up to
class (1 1/2 hours) thinking about all of the wonderful
artists I'm meeting through the blog network. It
just makes me feel like the luckiest artist on earth.
So when I came home after a long day of teaching
and working hard at helping the kids be enthusiastic,
cheering them on, and delving into the world of
writing and school success, sporting my air cast and
crutches, I was absolutely thrilled to see that Theresa Rankin,
who I was meaning to talk about tonight as a superb
landscape and still life painter -- has awarded me the
"Brilliante Weblog"award.

The award -- Hurray!

There are a bunch of rules and I'll write more about
the award, the rules, and who I'll nominate tomorrow,
but for now this is exciting news. One of the other
landscape artists whose work I think is fabulous is
and who has been very supportive is Eldon Warren.
I think I initially met both of these artists through
their comments on Aaaron Lifferth's blog.
Aaron's daily paintings showcase, glass containers,
and fruits, among other things. He makes
composition look like it's easy, and his paintings
are always fresh and done with a flourish I envy.

One of the beautiful Cleomes in our garden

I'm short on time for doing the work required for
winning that award Theresa, but I promise to
do so as soon as possible.

Have a loving the world you work in day!


Theresa Rankin said...

You are more than welcome Barbara!!! This painting is beautifully done...nice and loose! I am anxious to see the new stuff you are working on! I am sure they will be grand! There is always so much do, eh? I have a one woman show coming up...will need probably between 12 and 20 paintings by March. I also have a show this am busy fine tuning and tagging and trying to get one more in!

Barbara Muir said...

Hey Theresa,

And yet you have time to give such
a wonderful gift to seven people!
I do indeed like your style -- in both art and life.

Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

It's Wednesday, therefore I blog. I'm in nosing around a bit and seeing what others have been up to. Congrats! on the award. I agree with Theresa, nice work. Time is one of those things I'd pay extra for if I could afford it. Seems something is always going on. I give 40 hours to the man then try to get passionate after that. Sometimes yes, sometimes no but like you we keep on keepin on, right? I admire your stick to it style. EW

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