Friday, September 25, 2009

I think the point is to have fun

Part of the show in the basement gallery
We've put up paintings on the first floor and
in the basement. The show runs from 12 - 4 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday in my home studio as part of
the Artwalk studio tour.

I had an opening tonight for my little Artwalk studio show.
I haven't counted how many paintings there are, but it might be 50
and it might be more. I'll count tomorrow. I also don't have
all my tags up, and I've sold paintings that don't have tags.

Oh well. The official opening is Saturday at noon, so tonight
was a gathering of friends and new friends, and it was great fun.
I never got the food out on the table, so luckily one guest brought
home made pizza and another brought home made cookies. We
managed to remember to serve wine, and we put up paintings and cards all
night while my guests talked and laughed with one another, admired
the art, and bought some of my work.

So it all turned out just fine. We'll eat the smoked salmon tomorrow
or Sunday, and we'll drink the rest of the wine, and more
paintings will sell, and all in all it will be absolutely wonderful.

Map of the St. Clair Artwalk in Toronto
The orange dots are studios and mine
is studio P up near the top of the map.
Come on out and see my work! If you're
coming out my friend Gill is in studio J
near the middle of the bottom of the map -- a super

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight, and if you're in town
please email me to get the details on how to get to Artwalk. My
studio will be open from noon until 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
A big shout out to Josephine for the pizza, Audrey for the cookies,
Jan for loaning me her painting, Gill and Bruce for helping put
the paintings up, and to wonderful Raylea for helping me stay
sane all day, to Chris who did a great job on the cards, and to
Edward who did a fabulous job framing and above all to Steven
who worked like ten men helping me get ready.

Have an isn't-art-a-wonderful-thing day


Anonymous said...

Congrats Barbara!
Your wall of beauties look gorgeous!! I wish you all the best with your deserve it!
love, Flora xoxo

Elizabeth Seaver said...

You're off to a great start, Barbara! Sounds so fun, I'm sorry to miss it. Wish I could see it all in person.

Tammy Hext said...

Your wall of paintings look spectacular! I am trying to work it out so I can drop in. I really want to see your work in person. Good luck this weekend!!!

Gwen Bell said...

Your paintings look dynamite on that red wall...perfection! Congrats on the show. Wish I could be there.


eldon warren said...

Wow! I take a few days off and find I'm totally behind. Anyway, good luck with the studio show. I'd really dig being there to see you and the art in person. (heavy sigh)

Liza Hirst said...

Same here - so much going on over there at your place! Your paintings on that bright red wall look great! How daring - I love it!
Sounds like a lot of fun and I really wish I could be there with you! Have another great day, Barbara!!!

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Flora, Elizabeth, Tammy,
Gwen,Eldon and Liza. I'm sorry I can't write longer messages right now, but I will when I have time.

You have all made me super happy.


Laurel Daniel said...

Oh Barbara - I would SO HAVE LOVED to come by for the art walk!!! It sounds like it was a lot of fun and I absolutely love seeing that row of your paintings altogether on the wall! I'd like to see all 60! I hope it was fabulous in every way!!! Congratulations! XOXO

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