Sunday, September 27, 2009

More than 60 paintings

Hi everyone. I did count and will again (math
not being my strong point), and I think I had more
than 60 paintings in the show this weekend. Then
there was one in the central show, and two in
the DVAC show. So all in all, quite a lot of work out
there. Today was great fun. People came and had glasses
of wine and tea sandwiches. The mood was festive and
I felt so happy to be here surrounded by people enjoying
my paintings, our friendships, meeting new people
and celebrating together.

One of the people who visited was my cousin, a lovely
surprise. I did her portrait a couple of years ago
and we were reminiscing. Now Artwalk is over, and
I feel like the whole experience was hugely
successful. We're just cleaning up and will
probably sleep well tonight indeed, knowing that
it's been the wonderful weekend we were hoping for.

The image tonight is a charcoal drawing for a flower
painting on an orange ground. If I'm lucky I'll get to
paint it tomorrow. One of my friends in Nova Scotia
is shocked that I draw my paintings first sometimes,
while a friend here says that drawing is the entire
basis for painting. Is everybody right? You decide!

Have an anticipating-another-happy-week day.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your wonderful show Barbara!
As I am not the Nova Scotia friend who is anti drawing-on-the-canvas ;-) I will also add that I think your drawings are so strong and you never let your paintings be restricted by the drawing as many beginning-artists do.
I like to predraw with marker, but last winter I started using chalk first. That was a total bonus for me because I could radically change the composition until I was satisfied with it. Then I went over the key elements with marker.
Barbara, your drawing is so inpsiring that I now draw more often as a result!
Hey, guess what? There are men in my basement installing a new furnace!!!

LeSan said...

Barbara it sounds like you had a wonderful time this weekend. You really know how to get the most out of your opportunities for joy. As for the whole drawing debate... who cares? Your process is what it is and it seems to be working exceptionally well for you, so draw your lights out my friend. By the way, I actually like just the charcoal drawing on the red background all by itself.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Flora,

I can do the same thing with charcoal over an acrylic ground. It washes off with a damp paper towel. Or I can paint over it, or paint up to the line, then wait until the painting is dry and clean it off, revealing the lines of ground where the charcoal acted like a resist.

Wow a new furnace. Mine is ancient. Fingers crossed.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi LeSan,

You are so sweet. Yes it is entirely individual, and I'm not the slightest bit bothered by people who manage a subject one way or another. I've found that a technique I argue vehemently against one day, may become a favorite another. I'm glad you like the sketch. The painting is coming along nicely.

Take care,


Janie B said...

I'm so glad your show was such a big success. Hope you get lots of sales from it.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Janie,

You are a sweetheart. It was a delightful experience and yes there were some very happy sales.

Take care,


eldon warren said...

Yes!! Everyone is right. Sometimes I even do entire paintings in one color with all the values before I start with color. What ever works, right?
I'm glad your week end was a success. I'll bet you had a blast and all your guests probably got a treat they will never forget. I can hardly wait to see this painting finished.

Anonymous said...

Barbara my dear, I've put you on my blog tonight as well as your gorgeous painting of me.
Check it out!
Flora xoxo

Liza Hirst said...

Nice drawing, Barbara! Sometimes I make a drawing on the canvas first, more often I don't - let it flow! Are there rules in art?

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