Friday, September 4, 2009

Thanks my dear friends

Condiment Caddy, Grand Falls, New Brunswick
black marker on bond paper
8 x 10 inches
(I've saved this little sketch for a day
when I wasn't entirely sure I'd have a painting.
If the painting I'm working on is done tonight
I'll put it on. I drew this in a truck
stop on the top of a hill as we waited
for our food. On the road this summer I
noticed that upside down ketchup bottles
are popular. I used to write for a marketing
department and this design idea has
the markings of a 'new kid on the
block trying out some great ideas'. Give me
my ketchup in a glass bottle, right side
up please. In fact I really don't like my food in
plastic. But it was great to draw, and we had
fun for the whole trip. So what's a little upside
down ketchup between friends.)

Yesterday was one of those days. It seems like nothing could
go right. But of course that's the wrong attitude. When I
got all of your kind messages today, I popped
the Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley back into
my CD player in the car, and today was a great day.
Even though St. Clair was torn to shreds in front of my
pharmacy, and I had to climb over the risky makeshift
boards to get onto the rocks and dirt that is substituting
for a sidewalk. I got to see my great pharmacist, Michael,
who once bought a painting from me. We cracked a few
jokes, and on the way back through the construction zone
I ordered a pair of teenagers swearing at one another on the
street to help a terrified older lady walk the plank set out
over freshly poured concrete to get into a store.

Come to think of it the guys were standing on the freshly
poured concrete. Ah well. They turned into instant
gentlemen in aid of a lady. And I was decidedly
happy as I navigated my way back to my car.

If I get my little painting finished I'll post it later.
I'm working on a very large commission and I think I've
conquered more of it today. Mike Dooley and the Notes
from the Universe are definitely helping me. And so are
you. Early September seems a bit like New Years to me.
In the park the leaves on the sycamore, and maple trees
are turning. Sorry LeSan -- it's true. Still it was pure
summer weather today, balmy and warm with clear skies.

Have a knowing-it's-good-to-be-alive day.


Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

Thank you so very much for the words you posted on my blog today. I was thrilled to read them; you really made my day.

I think this is a wonderful drawing. Fun to see another of your many talents. I also like my ketchup in a glass bottle... however with little ones around the upside-down, plastic version is genius!

Take care of that sting.

Kind regards,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

Thanks so much. I really appreciate your kind comment. Well I know it's practical. And all I care about is that it works for you -- so you don't have to think about ketchup and can do your beautiful paintings.

Take care,


LeSan said...

"In the park the leaves on the sycamore, and maple trees
are turning. Sorry LeSan -- it's true."
LOL Oh, this was too funny! I'm like a little kid at closing time at Disney Land.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi LeSan,

They were playing sad songs on the radio today, but I look at September as being a beginning. I am really,
really looking forward to another exciting year! I promise you, it will all be good.

Take care,


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