Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tenacious joy

Sam posing for one of my Before the dance
series paintings a few years ago.

Today's my son Sam's birthday. He is certainly
a sweet young man. Yesterday I was worried
that I wouldn't be able to celebrate with him,
because I felt quite horrible. He says I can
apologize for the drawing yesterday by saying
I didn't feel well. Well that was true, and I'm
fine today.

Sam dressed up as a punk rocker for
Halloween (my birthday) a couple of
years ago.

Our family has a run of birthdays starting with
mine at the end of October, and then my Mother,
Sam and Steven. So I'm off to finish off the present
buying, and I know I won't get to paint today.
That does make me sad, but thoughts of my
youngest, and what a great boy he's been for his
whole life make me very happy. Happy, Happy Birthday

Sam waiting impatiently to be photographed
before this girlfriend's prom last spring.
This guy loves to dance and is a fabulous dancer.

Oh by the way, tenacious joy was LeSan's expression, and I think it
describes the way we feel today. Our family is exceptionally
good at being joyful, even when times are hard, or people are
tired, or there's too much work to do. Happiness is our forte.
Today all of that joy is aimed at Sammy, the birthday guy.

Have a celebrating-is-the-best day


Melinda said...

This is wonderful! Yes, your Sam looks to be a very good young man and full of solid confidence and tenacity.

I'm so glad that you're feeling better. Please stay well.

Goodness! You do have quite the run on birthdays. Have a grand time.

Happy Family Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a gorgeous young man, your Sam - but I don't think you need to apologize one bit for the drawing which is actually thoroughly delightful. You've managed to recreate a particular moment in past time of enchantment and in black and white, no less! Almost Proustian.
As for the ' tenacious joy ' that you and Le San advocate - I admire that. As one periodically filled with piss and vinegar I derive vicarious pleasure in looking on at the merriment of others. That is to say I understand the theory of joy but it seems to be the theory of sour that I excel at,
a knack handed down to me perhaps along with raven black hair and an olive complexion.
A toast to you Barbara and your exceedingly beautiful family!
love, M

eldon warren said...

Sam is a hansom dude! Looks as lot like his dad.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

My Sam is a good young man. I hope he has solid confidence. He is solidly kind and caring to everyone he meets.

I am feeling so much better. Friday night was frightening, but whatever was ailing me was over in hours, and I've been tired but fine ever since.

We have certainly had the festivities. So much cake I am glad I won't see any until Christmas.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Marcia,

We are all occasionally filled with piss and vinegar. And I would have characterized you as merry -- you are with me. And maybe that's what matters -- being able to be joyous with people who enjoy a bit of celebration. To that end, I hope we see you soon, I'll toast to that. And yes, Sam is a gorgeous young man. We are insanely, and over-the-top proud of his very existence, as though we actually had something to do with it. Which of course is folly -- but hey!

Keep the comments coming you funny woman.

Love Barbara

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

Yes Sam is a handsome dude, and he does look a lot like his Dad. So does his brother, also a handsome dude. How lucky is that!

I get to have three of them as my family.

Take care,


LeSan said...

He is a handsome boy and I believe even more handsome in person because of his sweet soul. You should be very proud of him and I know that you truly are. I suppose this makes you both very lucky.

LeSan said...

Oh yeah. You are actually the inspiration for that term tenacious joy. It came from your comment on my 9/11 post. It's all your's my friend and with gratitude.

Laurel Daniel said...

Happy Birthday to cute, cute, cute Sam! So glad you could spend the day with him (and what a good mother to send him cake for breakfast!) Happy belated birthday to you, too! XOXO

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