Saturday, November 28, 2009

Winter tire time

Self portrait
black marker on bond paper
81/2 x 11 inches
Barbara Muir © 2009

Living on winter tire time today has turned out to
be hard. But driving north of Highway 7 in Toronto
the minute the snow falls is deadly. Actually it's
not that great driving in the city without them either.
Snow was forecast north of the city for Monday, so
I made an appointment for 8 o'clock this morning to
get my tires on. This may seem a dull topic to those
of you who never see snow. But I dragged myself
out of bed early on Saturday -- my sleep-in day to
ensure those things were on for a reason.

I just bought the tires last year and if they weren't
tires, I could have hugged them for how they changed
driving for me. Each winter when I venture north of
the city to King City, I risk losing control if those
tires aren't on. I drive clenched and in fear, wishing
I lived down in Texas with my friends there, or over
in Arizona, where they don't contend with our
reality. But I don't.

So we've been tired all day -- winter tired, too early
tired, out for breakfast, out to the market and home
before 10 a.m. tired. And I'm here to say the Saturday
sleep in is creative bliss, but the winter tires help
keep that spirit safe. Thanks to Mike and his staff.

The drawing tonight is a self-portrait done from
a Imac Photo booth shot taken of the self tonight.

Now I need to go and work on my painting. But I had
to give you a little something. It's like the tires,
the drawing keeps our relationship from slipping.

Have a no skid day.

Let's hope they're wrong about the snow. I won't
be embarrassed.

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Liza Hirst said...

Hi Barbara,
I wish for you that the weather forcast is wrong - at least you're well prepared.
I LOVE this drawing of yourself!
You look so nice and the drawing is so good!

Zina Chmielowski said...

Hi Barbara,
I love your drawing of yourself.
How long does it take you do it?
I know how you feel of driving in winter. I am terrified id skidding...
Luckily there is no snow yet...

eldon warren said...

Hi Barbara, Great drawing! And it looks like you've gotten some attention from Nepal. How cool is that huh? Clicking on the icon or the name didn't get me to the site but typing the address into the bar at the top of the screen got me there. Copy and paste didn't work either. Lots of pictures. Also Zina's site is a sort of testimonial. Way cool. You have such an effect.

cohen labelle said...

Hi Barbara, WOW! - you are resonating far afield and this is a great self portrait! Are those new glasses? I wish I could look that good in glasses. If I did, I’d consider wearing them all the time. As for winter driving, you know what David would say – we need better public transportation, more high speed trains….

xxxoooxxxo Marcia

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Krishnajee,

I can't seem to get to your blog.
Have I got the right name?

Thanks for your kind comment.

Take care,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

Me too. It would certainly help on
this busy week! I'm glad you like the
drawing. You are great.

Super interiors!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Zina,

I can't wait to see your site.
The internet is so slow tonight that I don't have time to wait to get on it. But I will as soon as it speeds up again.

I never time myself, so I couldn't tell you Zina. When I'm drawing I just draw until I think there's something there.

Take care, and thank you once again.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Zina,

Thanks for your kind words. It is not hard to do this, just a time commitment. You should be proud of yourself.

Take care,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

I am not having your luck, but our internet is on tranquilizers tonight -- slllllllooooooowwwww! Yikes. We
get so dependent on speed. You have a big effect on this humble Canadian painter.

Take care,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Marcia,

In a way the transit argument is
right wing, because if people still need to drive cars, and do multiple jobs, and work where there is work, then the solution is to create more
transit, and create cars that don't pollute. As long as the only option is transit, the car makers can hide and not give us inexpensive non-polluting cars, which they already know how to make.
Just trying to get a rise? The line is busy. I am so marking and sitting in a fog of admiration for your amazing sculpture posted today. You are a genius. Move into the light!



Melinda said...

It sounds so scary to drive on icy roads. So, I'm glad that you are ready for the winter ahead. You're right, we in the southwest, in the desert area, don't have any idea what snow tires are or how to drive in such weather.

You are remarkably good at portraits and I'm in awe of your ability to draw such a wonderful self-portrait!

Thinking warm thoughts for you and yours!

cohen labelle said...

Barbara, the fact is (facts on the ground) public transit where I live in Hamilton now considered greater Toronto, is in decline, disarray – it’s almost impossible to get around without a car – little, choice, not a good thing. In Toronto, suburban Toronto- transit also lags, those who live there are not well served by it.

A familiar comment from Europeans is that the Toronto transit system is way, way behind. As for high speed trains – we don’t even have them yet.

By all means better cars, maybe electric in light of peak oil. I personally love cars – they’re sexy as anything, beautifully designed and moulded, like sculptures with wheels.

I admit I've imbibed some rhetoric along the way (from you know who), which I have now come to believe. Nor do I consider it right wing or reactionary. Now when you say move into the light, do you mean, become enlightened? I'm working on that.
love you,

LeSan said...

We bought snow tires last year also and my husband did hug them! We don't always get snow here but when we do it cripples the area. Too many hills. Now that we live at elevation and in the boonies the snow is devestating. The snow tires made a huge difference and were worth every penny.

I like this portrait of you. It captures your wonderful spirit I think.

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