Thursday, February 1, 2018

I LOVE February!

Spring Waterfall
Watercolour on Arches watercolour paper
15 x 20 inches
Barbara Muir ©
Everything about February is good.  Okay in Canada the
weather might not be the best (it is here today -- a gorgeous
Tom Thomson winter scene), but you know you have at most
two more months of winter!  What I love about it is the
celebration of love.  And I don't think that is just about
romantic love, but love of life, of friendship, of beauty --
love of love.  It's such a rewarding emotion.  So I'm going to
go for it this month.

My first surprise of the month, was going into the darkest,
coldest recesses of our house -- the cold room -- a storage
room at the front of the house that holds our Christmas
decorations, old furniture we haven't decided to discard yet,
bicycles -- a host of stuff we need to sort through. And right
at the back -- covered in boxes and who knows what -- some
old art drawers that have not been used for a decade.

Woah!  I moved a few things last night, because this room
has to be organized this year!!! (I hope).  And opened one of
the drawers to find this! Wow!  I was so happy.  I think I did
it in a fantastic course at least 10 years ago.  It isn't my normal
colour way, so maybe I dismissed it because of that.  But I
love it now.  I just stared at it in delight when I found it.  It
has the energy, movement, joy that I want to feel this month.

I dedicate this month to everyone in my life who makes a
huge difference to me.  And that means all of you as well.
Thank you.

Have a wonderful Month of Love!


cohen labelle said...

Hey Barbara,
What a great find -- I love it!!!!

xoxo, Marcia said...

What a happy treasure find! It's BEAUTIFUL! I love the composition, and fluid mark making and the muted (for you) colors... it's got you in it, but with a different palette for sure. Good job, my friend! And happy February!

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Marcia. It is isn't it. Of course I now have no idea how I did it,
but I do appreciate that I did. And I love the joy of it, which is what I am
focusing on as the light here in Toronto increases!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Belinda,

Thank you so much! I actually don't even know what colours I used to make some of
the colours like the grey/green in the waterfall. Never mind. I did paint it, and
it makes me happy. The rest of the work in the drawers as far as I can see (a lot
to move out of the way first), is not special. But this gave me the feeling of joy I
love in February.


Verna said...

Oh, I LOVE that feeling of discovering an old work and seeing it with new eyes! What a lovely surprise! It's a truly gorgeous painting, very February.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

Thank you. I think it was that I wasn't a big fan of those colours when I painted it.
Now I see that the entire spectrum of colour is vital, even if I don't use it.
But I like the movement and play in it. Happy February. So far it's been


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