Saturday, February 17, 2018

Love birds -- and Love Lovebirds

My latest Lovebird acting as a banner.
The original (on the left) is 
Acrylic on canvas
8 x 8 inches
Barbara Muir © 2018
This month has inspired me in recent years to create my
own Valentine card.  What could be better on the card
than a bird and a heart?  The reason for me is simple.
I love birds.  When I'm out for a walk and see sparrows
chirping in a thick hedge, so close I can almost count
their feathers, I feel charmed.

So what could be more natural than birds symbolizing
lovebirds.  This month I was teaching on Valentine's
Day at night, and didn't quite finish my 2018 bird.  But
never fear I thought -- I do have cards from past years.
Plus it's a whole month of love, not just one day.
(Fierce opponents of the idea of Valentine's Day point
out that we need to love each other all year -- true).

Ours is a celebratory family -- thank goodness, and if
a celebration wanders into our consciousness, it sticks.
So Happy Month of Love.

Spread the love.  Goodness knows the world needs it!


Verna said...

I'm feeling the love emanating intensely from your blog this month! Lovely birds. Oh yes, sparrows in hedges are wonderful.

Have you ever fed chickadees from your hand? We do that in the park near here, sometimes. Sunflower seeds in your palm, the feeling of delicate but strong bird feet gripping your fingers, it's really wonderful. Your post reminded me that I have not walked by the river with a bag of seeds in awhile! Once I'm over this bummer of a cold, that is the first thing I will do outdoors. Thanks for the lovely reminder!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

I wrote a long reply to you on my iPad, and it vanished! Poof! This is happening a lot lately. Time
to take it to the shop I guess. I do love sparrows in hedges, and without the leaves on right now,
you can see right through, but they don't mind hopping about 8 inches from your face. I've never
tried feeding them on a walk, because ideally I'm with my dog -- and that would not work! When
my husband comes home from his work trip we will go down to lake and feed the geese and ducks.
Birdseed again. I love that. And one day I'll try your trick of feeding birds sunflower seeds from my hand.
Adorable thought.

Love your work.

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