Monday, February 19, 2018

Thank you -- and love to everyone for 10 years of blogging!

Before the Dance
Acrylic on canvas
4 x 6 feet
Barbara Muir © 2008
(The first image I ever posted on my blog.
The photo could use work, but I still
love the painting, part of my
Dance series)
Today I am celebrating 10 years of blogging!  What can
I say?  Blogging has changed my artistic life in so many
ways I hardly know where to begin. Let's try for five to start.

1.  I have been blessed to connect with amazing artists all
over the world -- to learn from them, get support from
them, and over the top amazing -- to meet them in person.
You in person.  Thank you.  I wish I could hug every single
one of you, and let you know how much seeing
your work, and reading your thoughts on art and life
have made me sooooo happy.

2. I've been invited to show in wonderful places by
curators who've seen my work online, and have invited me.
I cannot ever begin to express how much that has enriched
my artistic experience -- showing in Florence, New York
City, Paris, and the Netherlands with such talented and
warm, and exciting artists.  Thank you to the max to
everyone involved.

3. I've received some dazzling press coverage from
newspapers and TV shows in Canada, includingThe
Globe and Mail, and HGTV, and also been featured
on the Oprah Winfrey show as a Skype artist.  Oprah's
 people found me through a Youtube interview conducted
 by journalist and then Skype Blogger, Howard Wolinsky.
I am eternally grateful to Howard, and to Oprah -- who
I think is one of the most talented, intelligent, kindest and
influential people on the planet.

4. I am constantly trying to learn and keep up with
changes in the technology of putting images online.
I'm still the farthest thing from a techie, but I have
learned so much, and keep learning.  In ten years
I have come a long way -- though I know I need
to learn so much more. But the logic of what might
work is infinitely more available to me now, than it
was a decade ago.

5. I have sold quite a bit of work through people
finding me online, through my blog, and the blog's
links to Facebook, and Twitter.  And of course that's
one of the primary reasons I paint. To sell the work.
No it isn't the first reason.  But being an artist is a job,
and a great job, so it's definitely part of it. Thank you to
everyone who has helped make that possible.

Okay -- so there are my first five.  I love blogging,
because I love sharing my art, and writing and hearing
from people. Plus I love reading people's blogs and
comments.  If you read this I'd love to read your comments.

Have an enjoying your passions day.


MaryRose said...

Congratulations Barbara. You are definitely a huge motivator for me

Barbara Muir said...

Thank so much MaryRose -- you are an inspiration to me for sure!


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