Sunday, February 25, 2018

Loving Art Exhibitions

Gill Cameron and I have shown
together many times.  Her gorgeous
watercolours at The Artist Project
blew me away. 

So great to find Kim Rempel at the show .
I love her abstract work -- in strong design and colour
that she displayed at the Artist Project.
(I made my own sling, because the
pro one from the hospital hurt).

Tonight my theme is simple. For an artist exhibitions are vital.
They're where we get to display what we've created, and also
where we learn about all of the other exciting creations our fellow artists
are making.

Today I attended The Artist Project -- one of the largest shows in our
city (Toronto).  There was so much to see, so many arresting and dazzling
paintings that I was glad that I had some friends to visit, and it was delightful
to get caught up on their superb work.

Yay! Joyce Fournier  was there! She's a fabulous realist and an amazing
abstract artist.  I am sorry if my iPhone jiggled a bit Joyce.  One
handed photography is not the best!

I love this painting by Ramona Nordal, which she'd
just sold and she was feeling pretty happy about that!

I also saw the lovely work of Catherine Jeffrey, but did not get back to her
to get a photo.  If you click this link here  and scroll down you can see her
wonderful city scenes.

Have a visiting art shows day!


Nicki said...

Oh! I really want to attend the Artist Project someday! I can just imagine how inspiring it must be!

Barbara Muir said...

Nicki Your work is so perfect for the Artist Project! You would love it. It is expensive,
but the people who I meet there all think that it's worth it. I was super tired that
day because I'd just broken my wrist, but I was delighted to see my friends' work.
So good!


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