Friday, January 26, 2024

A delightful surprise -- meeting Aaron Chan

Dynamic duo
Pencil sketch on letter paper
8.5 x 11inches
Aaron Chan © 2021

During our long days at the hospital with our family member,
we were so lucky to meet some amazing people who worked in
the ward we were visiting.  One person, Aaron Chan stands out 
because in a brief conversation we learned that we were both 
artists, and he showed me his super drawings of his health care
colleagues. He asks permission to take quick photos of friends
at work for reference.

He says, "There's no way I would be able to get my coworkers
to stay still, with their heavy workload."

Aaron I swear if you don't let me get back to work...
Pencil sketch on letter paper
8.5 x 11
Aaron Chan © 2022

Aaron enjoyed drawing when he was in high school.  He has a university degree,
and is thinking about next steps. One reason he began drawing again when he's not
working was, "a feeling of a sort-of reactionary calling in an environment like
the hospital. There is a unique reality of working so close to life and death, with
existential terror lurking behind every corner. Such irrationality almost demands
an equally absurd, but fun response."  His co-workers love his drawings, and most
have gone to new homes.

I like his work so much, that I will probably devote two blogs to
sharing it.

Have a loving your life day

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