Sunday, January 28, 2024

Super busy tonight (like last year on this date) -- please enjoy my pre-COVID post, reposted


Yield to the Lemon
Acrylic on cradled Birch panel
8 x 10 inches
Barbara Muir © 2017

Hi Everyone I'm trying to get a painting into a show by
1p.m. tomorrow, so I this is a slightly edited post tonight from
2017 that I love. 

"The Happiness Trick

Is there a trick to happiness?  Yes.  People have written books
about how.  But there is a secret to being happy.  We have to
allow it.  I heard about this phenomenon called the "Nocebo
response".  In medicine it is related to telling a patient that
they will not get better. (This is especially interesting with a
family member going through hard medical times.) This message
apparently has such a profound effect on the person's mind that
the patient shuts the door on hope, and may get rapidly worse.

My great happiness magic for today is to talk yourself out of
it.  Of the cold you are frightened to get, and will get if you
sneeze, and are told it's coming -- watch out.  (Please wear a
mask to protect yourself from exposure,) of the depression
you could get because in this city the sky has been grey except
for a couple of days for what seems like two months.  And in
painting of the fear that you can't do it.

Try this.  Instead of freaking out about what you can't do,
start with "This is easy!"  Just repeat that a few times, and
watch your shoulders quit tightening into a vice grip.
I admit it -- given the number of people who have colds, flu
and COVID right now -- our chances of getting something are good.
(In the case of COVID, and flu if you have all of your vaccines, and
wear a mask in public, and use hand sanitizer, you can help yourself
avoid it.) And as for painting or drawing -- we need to take a look at
how tough things are in the world, and let ourselves know how
lucky we are to be compelled to make something.

Here is my offering for tonight.  When we were in New York
in June, 2016, Steven got a T-shirt he loves at the Metropolitan
Museum.   It says "Yield to the art," which is what installers
say when they're moving big pieces through the museum.
Hence Yield to the Lemon, because the lemon demanded
center stage.

Have a tricking-yourself-into-happiness day."

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