Thursday, January 25, 2024

Helpful advice -- wonderful for today

Breakfast in the hotel
Petit-déjeuner à l'hôtel
Acrylic on canvas
4 canvasses
36 x 48 inches
6 feet x 8 feet total
Barbara Muir © 
(I was thankful to see
that the napkins were on
the left. This is a big
painting. Lol. I've shown
it to you before, and it 
inspires me today. And yes
this polyptych (four canvasses) is
available if you need a cheerful work
for a big wall.)

Everybody tells artists to just do it -- do the work.  But sometimes
(like in the past two weeks), events get in the way of getting your
ambition back.  I think it's coming.  I had a great dream last
night about a possible new project.

Meanwhile, here's some advice from last year at about this time.

"Some advice also lessons
#1 I was setting the table the other night, and thought about my very
well mannered friend teaching me that the napkin goes on the left
side.  I'm sure my parents, who were very proper, knew that, but
now I am fastidious about it.

#2 These are not really in any important order. Tidy the kitchen before
you go to bed, so that it isn't a mess in the morning. The day will
be more positive. 

#3 Wash your paint brushes after you use them. An artist friend who does
beautiful work said that she takes care of her equipment, because 
it's expensive to buy new brushes all the time. I hear her voice
every time I almost forget to wash my brushes.

#4 My grandmother-in-law taught Steven and I to make up from
an argument before bed, and always to kiss one another goodnight.
Good advice Oma and we try to follow it. 

#5 One of the best bosses I ever had, and a friend, taught me, and
through his textbook, and teachers on his team, and all of our classes
to love ourselves.  He said you can't truly love another until you
love yourself.  And that was pretty radical teaching for college 
classes, but boy did it ever work.  Compared to the statistics for 
North American college students at the time, (50% of college 
students take 6 years to complete a 2 year diploma) between
75 and 93% of our students went on to get university degrees after
finishing college in 2 years.

#6 My mother taught me to try to enjoy each day as it comes. And
thank you Mommy -- I do.

#7 A friend in Tucson, Arizona, said to learn from the dogs.
Forward, forward. Dogs rarely look back -- they are always 
excited about what's ahead. Smart animals. 

Maybe that's enough for one day.  It is a special day in our
family tomorrow -- a sweet person's birthday.  And I feel lucky to be 
alive and happy."

Have a loving your life day.

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