Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The Way Gone Made Clear by my friend Georgia Fullerton

The Way Gone Made Clear
A Restored 19th Century Wagon
Now a magnificent piece
of artwork by
Georgia Fullerton © 2023

I'm super proud of my friend Georgia Fullerton who has completed
a huge project -- turning a wagon used to bring slaves to Canada in
the 1800s, into a dynamic, piece of artwork that will be used to
educate people about the history of its use, and that period in our

In Spring 2024 the Roots To Rebellion Exhibit will be up and interactive at Pickering Museum Village. Georgia says, "I am proud to have completed this public art piece: ‘The Way Gone Made Clear’. "This restored 19th Century wagon, Georgia is now calling a chariot, "is meant to be a vehicle of change and will accompany the Log Barn part of the exhibit, and be displayed as public art for the next 4 years."

The wagon is a reimagining of the lives of Black enslaved, and free people who fought for Upper and Lower Canada during the 1837 Rebellion and a view of the inner conflicts they experienced as displanted people.
Georgia explains that more of the story will come…as the exhibition pieces come together. She adds, "Thank you to City of Pickering and funding for this project through the Digital Access to Heritage Fund and the Canada Race Relations Fund. This restoration project was made possible with funding from the Government of Canada, and the art piece was made possible by the Canada Race Relations Foundation.
Georgia also sends her appreciation to the city staff (curator, conservator, volunteers and public art coordinator) for their collaborative efforts.

Have a loving your life day.

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