Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby boy, pride and joy

This was one of my long days at school -- exciting from the point of view
of teaching -- I have wonderful students this semester -- but tiring in
the way that only teaching is. Still there is a great feeling of moving
forward, watching ideas and skill take shape.

This is one of the little drawings I did
before I began this painting
It's purple Sharpie on white sketchbook bond

Now I am going to go and paint. I found the prep drawing I
was looking for of the woman with the baby. I call the painting
Aaron's First Party. The woman holding Aaron, is not his mother.
It's a friend from the neighbourhood, who like me, is the mother of two boys.

When I started tonight this is where
it was at
As a mother of boys, I always feel a tenderness for baby boys, and boy
children. I love girls too, but having raised boys, it's like I switched
camps, and almost feel I understand boy children better than girls.
Little girls are a delight and a mystery to me, but boys are my home
territory. So part of what I am trying to capture in this painting, is
the nostalgia my neighbour seemed to feel holding baby Aaron.
Her own "babies" like mine, were well into teenage life when the
party happened. Baby Aaron is now four, as he proudly told me the
other day, and still absolutely beautiful.

I refined both faces,
although the baby still looks too old.
I began to think about the background.
That's all for tonight, I'm tired.
The painting is acrylic on canvas
12" x 12"

Have a loving-the-children-in-your-life day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, I love the little purple line drawing. So simple in execution. I love to draw and when I see a really nice little piece like this one it reminds me that I don't do enough of it. Thnaks for the inspiration. I think I'll drag out a sharpie and have some fun.

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Eldon,

I do love drawing, but painting is
my thing. Get out the Sharpie and go
to town. I blame you for the expression "Geez Louise!" which I've
started to say in reaction to
every set back.


Theresa Rankin said...

Great line drawing!! The painting is beautiful too...maybe try a smaller chin and space between the nose and upper lip on the baby and maybe a little more forehead? The changes are quite small Otherwise it is a real beauty. I hope I have not offended...:)

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Theresa,

Probably my mistake is trying to make the baby look like he does. He's a
cute baby, with the look of an old man. Okay. His forehead is actually
smaller. I'll put it away for a while
then work on it again.

You don't offend me. Come on over and help me with my work. I'll put the coffee on!!! We would sure have fun.


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