Thursday, October 16, 2008

Classy class sketch

Hi everyone. Here's another class sketch. I've had the most
spectacular day today. I'm getting a web site designed through
a college web design program, and the man doing it is a grown
up. Bonus beyond compare -- both the blog, and the wonderful
fellow designing it. We hit it off in our first phone call and he
understands exactly what I want in a site. He gets the way I
describe my web wishes.

So in a few months I'll be able to direct you to my web site too.
In the mean time I will thoroughly enjoy working with
the great guy who's doing it. He is funny and kind, and
experienced in the working world, with training as a mechanical
engineer. I so lucked out, that I feel truly blessed by the universe.

Class sketch
woman in blue
acrylic on canvas
18" x 20"

Here's another class sketch. I'm working on my small painting
from last night and it's coming along smoothly. I remembered
one of the things one of my teachers at art college said today.
He said to draw and paint what moves you, and to slow down
and look at what you're painting, instead of rushing to get
an impression devoid of what the eyes are taking in. Good
advice. See Mom and Dad -- it all paid off. I'm paying attention
now decades later.

Have a listening-to-your-inner-voices day.

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