Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallowe'en

We have to make sure Timbah doesn't get
out on Hallowe'en.

Do you know why all the black cats now have
a bit of white on them? Because all of the
pure black cats were killed in witch hunts.
Luckily Timbah doesn't know that story.

You say it's your birthday. It's my birthday too. Just had a super
day at school today. Candy, music, presents and
fun all day. Thanks everyone. We carved our pumpkins, handed
out candy to the kids -- what a treat. I just love the little kids dressed
up like faeries and ninjas at the door, and the big kids in their
"I'm too cool to dress up" black T-shirts, jeans and hats. Funny.
They think they're the first teenagers to go out as the with it
kids, but I remember doing the very same thing with my
friends in grade nine.

Tradition demands that we carve the pumpkins
just before we put them out.
Timbah approves.

In recent years the older kids keep Trick or Treating right up
to college age. That makes me happy. Sure they come out for the
candy, but who cares? In a world rife with trouble, there's
something innocent about moving around from door to door
asking for candy. We welcome everyone, so that the night
is about neighbourhood and generosity. I have always loved
the day.

Tonight when the kids were finished, some friends dropped in
for cake and champagne. We'll probably have a big party in
a couple of weeks. But this was just perfect for today.

All the guys in my family like the candy part too.

Have an enjoying-the-pumpkin day.

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