Thursday, October 9, 2008

The cat's meow

Despite all of the work the grown ups in this house do to try
to keep things rolling, and the way we dominate the landscape,
the true heads of state in our house are the animals.

A view of the studio cleaned up for Artwalk

Another view of the studio
during Artwalk

On October 5th it was the cats' birthday. We planned the menu
a few days in advance, and set out to purchase the Loblaws
roast chicken they like so well. We had a festive meal for
the humans, toasted the cats, fed them endless treats of
the freshly roasted bird, got the dog to do her Happy Birthday
rendition (something I've longed for her to do on Letterman
as a stupid dog trick). It was a regular jolly party. Both
animals got presents -- the panther toy Fiona thinks is a
mouse, and the tiny mice with bells that Timbah likes.

Timbah views his 4th birthday cake
with guarded interest

We are a family that likes a party. The boys will both be away
on their birthdays this year, so this lets the cats, and Zoey
get more high quality attention on their special days. It just so happens that
Timbah turned four, and Fiona turned one on the same day!
That is so lucky.

Fiona wonders why her candle is blue

It was a good thing that Artwalk with all of its preparations
and excitement was over, so the house was still relatively
clean, and we could concentrate on what really matters --

After the festivities
Fiona had to retire to her
Princess and the Pea bed
(We were forced to eat the
cakes -- tragically good)

Have a give-your-cake-and-eat-it-too day.


hj said...

Nice blog, nice work art!
From Helene Paints to Barbara paints ;-)

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Helene,

I went to your blog, and like your
work too. Thanks for the kind comment.


Anonymous said...

Barbara, your post made me smile!!
I LOVE that you are celebrating your cats' birthday, I LOVE how your studio looks, I LOVE the photos of your cats and I LOVE that they shared their cake with you.
You are wonderful!!
love, Flora

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Flora D.,

We actually took the cakes away from
those sweethearts. They were
too stuffed with roast chicken to
move, and besides chocolate cake
is really bad for cats.

Thanks for loving how the studio looks.

Today it got cleaned up again because we're doing Thanksgiving tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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