Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My first real walk

You know I broke my ankle in July. Aside from losing out on
my vacation in our somewhat primitive school house in Nova Scotia,
I lost my favorite form of exercise temporarily. I couldn't walk for six
weeks, and the truth is, I'm still learning how today. At school
I still use my crutches, because the long days make my ankle
hurt, and the crutches ease the pain. Plus they protect me from
the unwitting football style blocks that can happen in a hallway
full of teenagers and young twens (early 20's) rushing to class.

At home I try to go it alone. Today I took the dog for an old style,
long and rambling walk in the park. She sprained her ankle the
other day, so we were almost on equal terms. She is a big time
runner, so slowing to a walk is not her regular style at all.

I thought of Eldon Warren and his description in his last blog
of a magical space to walk in Colorado.Cedarvale Park is that
kind of place for me. I have not been into the ravine in two months.
Today it was decorated with tall, bright coloured maples, and low
bushes in every shade of red, filled with birdsong. Canadian
Thanksgiving is this weekend, and it makes sense. Outside it feels
like there's so much to be thankful for.
Even the wild flowers are at their peak -- lining the pathway in
purple, white, and yellow flowers -- their leaves a brilliant green.
I revelled in my liberation to move through this beauty alone
-- with the dog.

Sun spill
4 1/4 " x 6 1/4"
acrylic on watercolour paper

I found this little painting of another place that's special to me --
the beach near Pugwash Nova Scotia, where we usually spend
the month of July. Of course walking on this beach at the ocean,
you see skyscapes that would knock your socks off, if you weren't

Have a grateful-for-what-you-see day.


Sylvia Jenstad said...

Had to stop... so soory about your ankle... I love Sun Spill... really cool

Melinda said...

So glad that you are recovering from the broken ankle and out walking. Lovely artwork today. There is a pensive quality in the composition and color.
You've got me thinking about the leaves turning in Massachusetts where my college boy is right now. In AZ, we don't have that kind of change unless someone has planted a non-regional tree.
Even through rough times, we do always have something for which we can be grateful!

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Sylvia,

I'm okay -- just rocky on the solo
walking. The ravine is so exquisite that it's breathtaking for this
artist right now.


Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Melinda,
I am big on being grateful -- and
have a lot to thank the universe for.
Yes, your college boy, like mine will
be experiencing the turning of the leaves. Although Massachusetts may
have a later fall, than Ontario.
The leaves now are so spectacular that
when I'm driving north I just want to
pull off the road and stare for an

But like everyone else I have to work, and at school it's show time.


Theresa Rankin said...

This is so stunning Barbara!! The colors the shapes....wow! I love this simple little piece. Thank heavens yo8 are walking again....I completely understand...when I had back surgery...it was extremely difficult to walk again....but I am better than ever now. I am so happy you are back on your feet again and able to get out more and see the beauty of nature.
Take care...Theresa

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks so much Theresa,

It does feel so good to put one foot
in front of another. Ooof back surgery, that sounds so harsh. I'm glad you're well now.

Thanks for the compliments.

Take care...Barbara

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