Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quickly - what can I do with that little piece of watercolour paper?

Last night very late before bed I spotted a little piece of watercolour
paper that's been ready for a painting for a few years. Back then
I'd taped off an area and applied an orangey, coral ground.
Every now and then I'd see the piece of paper, but I had work to do.
I was using canvasses, I didn't really need it.

Last night the colour and size leapt out at me and said, "Woa girl,
I need a painting! Now!" If you don't paint you won't understand,
if you do this experience is all old hat to you. Thinking about the wonderful
work I've seen lately by painters who use a small canvas, or
board as their base -- I whipped a picture off my family photo
bulletin board and voila. The wedding.

The wedding

4.5 x 6.5 inches

acrylic on canvas

I've looked at this little photo of my sister-in-law Mary Lou and
her husband, John every day for years. There's something great
about it. The image seems to sum up the happy relationship
they have. The shapes are strong, their faces are radiant.

They had a very small private ceremony, no family, and it
was clearly a joyous one. I think that comes out in the picture
too -- that knowledge that they're in love, and it's their own
ceremony, not one controlled by wedding planners, and

So here it is. I may change it slightly, but not by much.

Have a noticing-what-is-great day.


Liza Hirst said...

Haven't been on your blog the last few days, Barbara, but this evening at last I get round to catching up and, as usual, enjoyed your notes about life immensly!
Like your idea of showing us impressions of your walk - beautiful area! - and telling about Halloween. For a few years now, the French have been introduced to Halloween through the supermarkets without having a clue what it's all about! They buy all sorts of different Halloween stuff like garlands for hanging in the window and glowing plastic pumpkins - and that's it... no trick or treat, no party, NO idea what they are actually doing it for!

I Like the painting of your sister in law - her hair is great with all the colours! The picture has a very relaxed feeling to it - super.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

Thanks so much for your comment. That's funny, the thought of Hallowe'en without the trick or treating or parties. Here it's almost as important as Christmas. More important in some ways because
everyone can participate, and it isn't about religious belief.

I'm glad you like the little portrait. They do look relaxed don't they. I think it's because
they avoided the intense family scrutiny -- often a major feature
at a wedding.

Take care,


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