Friday, October 17, 2008

A moving experience

A couple of weekends ago my friend Josephine and I
went out to the Brick Works market on Saturday,
and hit a couple of garage sales on the way home.
We are garage sale maniacs, and can hardly resist
stopping when we see a driveway full of tables
of other people's castoffs. We're convinced there's a
deal there, something we can't live without.

Josephine at the Brick Works Market

By now my house is stuffed to the gills with china,
odd pieces of silver, and too much of most of what
I don't need, so I know I should resist. But the
middle bedroom needs a new bed, and -- voila --
a beautiful bed was for sale at a garage sale near
our place. The owner's house was beautiful, and
they were suitably sheepish about
selling their old stuff (always a good sign).
Oh yes, when we're in the garage sale
mood we follow an elaborate set of unspoken
and well understood rules. Josephine bought a
beautiful little desk, and I bought the bed.

But the significant obstacle in the way
of enjoying our finds? We couldn't fit any part
of what we'd bought into her Honda. No amount
of turning, twisting, measuring would make any
part of our new prizes actually go into her car.

Enter Khalid Bukhari -- the next door neighbour in
shining armour -- who volunteered his huge black truck.
He helped us load our heavy purchases into the
spacious vehicle, rearranging all of his own
possessions in order to do so, and drove our stuff home,
first to Josephine's house and then mine.

Tonight we dined at his restaurant, Shala-Mar,
to let him know how grateful
we were for his kindness, and enjoyed a delicious meal.

Fall in the yard
3" x 3"
acrylic on watercolour paper

The painting today is a tiny 3" x 3" acrylic
on watercolour paper painting I did of the view
over our backyard.

Have a returning-the-favour day.

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