Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ahhhh my drawing group

I always want to call the group I paint with on Tuesday
night a class, out of habit maybe -- but there is no class,
just a group of artists who belong to the same art
club, who meet at the club's fancy, renovated studio,
and paint from a model. Tonight the model looked
like a Land's End shirt advertisement to me. I just
got the latest Land's End catalogue of "paintbrush"
shirts in the mail, and the men could have been our
model's brothers.

I do love the look of men in great shirts, so I settled in
and enjoyed the painting -- thinking only of light, dark
and texture.

Painting "class" Sketch
acrylic on canvas
16 x 20 inches

On Tuesdays I teach all day -- and am at school for
just over eight hours. For six of those hours I'm on
my feet -- a one woman cheering section for the
kids I teach. Getting them to change their thinking,
attitude, work practices -- "Yes We Can!!!"

So when I hit art class they almost always tell me I "look
tired." Tonight I told them not to say that because it's
discouraging to the wearer of the face. I'm sure I actually
look wrecked, but as I'm there to paint, and not to
fall down in a heap, I don't need to know what I look
like, or think about it.

I find my friends at the club inspiring -- and
absolutely love seeing what they do with paint.
The man beside me tonight, Frank paints with the
biggest oil brushes you have ever seen.
His slaps acrylic on, and is suspicious of anything using
small brushes or definition -- and his work is
powerful, strong and magnificent. There are quite a
few painters of that caliber in the group -- so it's
always worth going.

Have an everything-I-make-works-just-the-way-I-want-it-to day

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