Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birds and beads

Steven is big on feeding the birds. Maybe
growing up on a farm he finds that feeding
two cats and a dogs isn't enough. There's
nothing like feeding birds if you want to
feel like you're part of the bounty of the

This year he's got two feeders going, plus
peanuts for the Blue Jays, and sunflower seeds
for the Jays and Cardinals. So on a snowy day
like the one we've had today Steve's Cherrywood
bird diner is busy. Then there's the former
Christmas tree, now rammed in a snow bank
and sprinkled each day with seed. Eeehah --
watch out birdies.

The Birds in the backyard at the feeders
The Fraser fir, is a Christmas tree
doing double duty -- it looks like it lives there

As a departure from the birds, tonight I went
out to an event with the ladies who bead.
Mimi + You, a company run by sisters Mina
and Mitra, were hosting an event called
Celebrate Courage, and a group of women
got together in a downtown club to make
necklaces, which will be auctioned off to
support shelters for abused women.

Making necklaces requires a level of vision
far more hawk-like than what I possess, but we all
created very unique pieces. Most
of the women were involved in the
performing arts -- a lively,
witty, and vibrantly intelligent group.
There's not much that can pull me away
from my book on a snowy night, but my
friend Lyn, who is an actor, and writer,
is definitely a force to be reckoned with.
She is hilarious, kind to a fault, and so
engaging that when she suggests something,
I think I ought to comply. I'm glad I did

I teach tomorrow and I'm tired tonight. I'm
working on a painting, but it isn't ready for
you yet.

Have a feeding-your-local-birds day.


Anonymous said...

Barbara, the beading sounds like fun...and I know what you mean about eyesight!. I'm working on a fabric, embellished piece...which I will feature in the blog, hopefully today (lol). We are living parallel lives!!
I also have birdseed, but haven't put it out yet, so I'd better get cracking!
Love your blog!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Flora,

Beading is a completely foreign discipline to me, but the women were really fun. I would never go into a craft store and try to make my own jewellry -- in the context we just plunged ahead.

I heard Pamela Wallin say today that if you say "yes" more than "no" you're bound to have an interesting life. I think I agree.

Love Barbara

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