Sunday, January 4, 2009

The long drive out of the holiday

Some of my friends have already written about how
much they love their children, and how the time
spent with them on holiday means so much. Sam
has been home from school since December 20, and
we've had a lot of fun together. The nice thing about
a long visit, is that you get to just hang out
together. We had so much fun one afternoon just watching
Robin Williams videos on You Tube. My family
loves funny above all, and Robin Williams is extremely

Today we spent 10 hours driving Sam back to
university, which ended our very happy holiday
with him. It was a beautiful drive. Cramped up
in the city, I forget how inspiring the countryside
is all the way along the route. We listened to a
long and complicated novel on CD, The Painted
Drum by Louise Erdrich. And though I fell
asleep a few times on the long drive home,
I can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

Sam and Steven in front of Sam's university residence in October

In Windsor we had dinner at a Lebanese restaurant.
The food was excellent and I wished I had my
sketchbook because the place was jumping. The
music was amazing, children of all ages ran and
danced, and slept in their parents arms. And I
saw something I've only seen in paintings before,
people gathered around tables smoking a herbal
mix through hookahs. (No not what you're
thinking -- something like cigar tobacco, but
milder). The meal was an exotic
break between the two long drives.

There's always a clutch in my throat and the threat
of tears, even some actual tears when I say goodbye
to one of my children. The truth is I just love being with
them. But our lives are so busy, I know that work
and friends will fold around the space Sam leaves
until he comes home again.

Have a wow-what-a-great-day! day.


Anonymous said...

You are a totally lucky lady.

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Eldon,

I am indeed.

And I'm lucky to have you as an artist friend.


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