Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eyes on Obama

This afternoon we watched the live coverage of the Obama
concert for a little while, and then ate our dinner in front
of the TV watching the entire show later. Like millions
of people around the world we were deeply moved,
deeply hopeful, and like the crowds in Washington
we were in thrall to Obama. It was a teary supper,
and a magical show.

Obama was graceful, clearly moved himself by the
tribute, and as always a compelling speaker. Canadians
who admit that they admire him wish fervently that
we could get a leader we cared about that much.

I don't have much to show you today. In a couple of
days I'll be able to show you the drawings I've been
working on all day today, (except for during the breaks to
watch history happen).

Class painting
acrylic and oil pastel on bond paper

Here's a close up of a painting I did with my art
group at the Don Valley Art Club. When I look
at work like this I'm always surprised at the
number of colours I used. I'm sure that was my
rebellion against a teacher I'd had who boasted
about only using three colours all the time. I was
cured of that as any kind of virtue when I took a
course with people in California who must have
owned every watercolour ever made.

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