Thursday, January 1, 2009

I wish you the happiest of years

For the last couple of years I've asked our friends to write their
wishes for the coming year on pieces of paper that we
put up on a ribbon strung across the dining room. At the
height of the festivities they are funny and interesting,
but today they set the ideal tone for the year to come.
One friend asked for an end to greed, and an
end to war. She also asked for prosperity for all -- a
concept that would be a great driving purpose for this

I certainly wish you all prosperity. To me that means
something that a few of us asked for -- good health.
With health you have the energy to make the rest
of your dreams happen. Without it, the going gets
tough. Another friend asked for satisfaction -- saying
that that summed it up nicely. And I think she's right
too. I wish you satisfaction in all that you do.
Satisfaction denotes purpose, and everyone who
paints certainly has that. Satisfaction implies that
your purpose is fulfilled -- our wish in everything we
do. $10 million dollars would make one of my friends
happy, and I hope she gets it. That would be wonderful. She
would definitely use that money well.

The middle of the night crew
with me in the picture on the left where I belong

So Happy New Year. It's been a slow day, recovering
from last night's late finish -- a complete joy as usual.
We took the pictures a bit late, long after the midnight
toast. We distributed those glow in the dark rings
at midnight, and they make everyone look like they're
wearing psychedelic halos or neon art.

Our friends with Steven (wearing the neck sculpture)

Have a quietly glowing day.


Anonymous said...

And I wish you the very best of new years dear Barbara!
You and your writings and paintings are all inspiring for me. Thanks for being you and for sharing all you do with the world.
love, Flora xoxoxoxo
ps: those glowing halos are a wonderful idea!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Flora,

Thanks so much. I really miss your
blog when you don't write. And it's so wonderful when you do, because your
writing, your art and your photography are all top quality.

Happy New Year.
Love Barbara xoxoxo

Theresa Rankin said...

WOnderful...looks like a great bunch a great time! You are the best!!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Theresa,

No you are the best! We do have an amazingly good time.
Happy New Year and great prosperity to you!


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