Monday, January 26, 2009

Happiness is the new warm

As much as the media loved to knock Obama before he
was president, articles on "the new cool" abound now,
connected with Obama. Brainy is now the new cool --
whew!!! That's a pleasant change, and now happiness
is also the new cool, or optimism, which in my books
is pretty much the same thing.

I've been spending time today studying research on
happiness for my courses at school. It turns out that I am a
wildly happy person according to some tests I took
online this afternoon. But then I could have told
you that!!! Why though? Why am I happy? I'm not
rich at all by Canadian standards. I'm not tall,
I don't drive a Cadillac car -- what gives me the right?

You do. You make me happy, by coming to my site,
by showing me your great work on your site, by teaching me
new ways of thinking about art and life every day.
And my family does, by being committed to having
a good time, even when illness, sorrow, and hardship
strike, as they do from time to time. And my
friends just love to laugh, but are all there in a
second if I falter, if I feel overwhelmed, or unable
to take the next step. I have a cheering section,
and now it's loud and clear all across the planet.
And you can count me as part of your happiness
team too. It's coming right back at you across
the miles.

That's so exciting it's almost hard to sleep at night
when I contemplate it. It reminds me of how I
used to lie awake at night when I was 12 thinking
about the universe. Now I lie awake at night thinking
of all of you, wondering when I will make that big
trip to visit my blog friends, have a coffee and
settle down somewhere together to draw, or

So I am really lucky and really blessed, and
overwhelmingly happy with my lot.

Fast Skype sketch of Terry

The pictures tonight are the last in the series
of drawings I drew for the Skype party at the
CES event in Las Vegas. Check out the earlier
entries from the past week to find out more.

Terry Brock, Achievement Systems

The fellow I'm featuring tonight definitely knows
how to be happy. I only talked to him while I
was drawing him at the Skype party, from the
image I could see on my computer. He was
funny, witty, and having a wonderful time
joking with me on Skype chat while I drew.

Have an I-choose-happy day.


Anonymous said...

Barbara, I have been enjoying your Skype drawings sooo much. You are my famous Canadian artist let me tell you! Your creativity, and energy are super inspirational. Your happiness is shared through this blog of yours. Thankyou!!
Now come on over for that coffee!!
Don't we actually live in wonderful times!
love, Flora xo

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Flora,

Thanks. I can't wait to come
over for coffee!!!
Then you'll have to come up to
my Eastern haunt.

We do live in wonderful times in this part of the world. Yes we do! Thank you Flora for teaching me everything you have in both art and blogging.

You are fantastic!!!



Liza Hirst said...

You also make me happy, Barbara!
With your beautiful drawings, your wonderful writings and your generous comments! What a pity you're so far away....!
Thank you, Liza

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

Thank you so much. That is certainly the beauty of blogging isn't it. I am so far away, and yet it feels close. Maybe if you get Skype we can meet
face-to-face on the computer.

But I feel absolutely certain we will meet one of these summers in France too. Or maybe you'll come to Nova Scotia, or Toronto. Thanks for your sweet comment. You make me so happy every time I see your work, or read your thoughts.


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