Saturday, March 14, 2020

Happy Pi Day -- A great reason to have pie

Stand Back for the Pie
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 24 inches
© Barbara Muir 

It is Pi day, something we always celebrate because my husband
is in love with math, and also makes a mean pie.  We usually
have pie, but today Steven cut a cookie into pie pieces, and I
had a small one.  Last night we had massive ice cream cones
in celebration.

I'm lucky to be married to someone who enjoys science
and math -- just like my mother, the bacteriologist did.
I love science too, but am not always the best at math.

According to the Huffington Post Pi Day is named after the
Greek symbol π which is the ratio of the circumference of
a circle to its diameter. The first three digits in Pi are 3 (this is the 
third month) and 14 (the fourteenth day)= 3.14 or Pi.  What
 better day to eat pie if you get the urge. Or even a cookie 
pretending to be pie if you want to. And any way you slice it 
you will not be alone in your pie indulgence.

To bolster our happiness today we went to our favourite
flower store so I could stock up on some inspiration.  I got
roses, another white flower (I forget the name) and
was looking for double lilies, which last about two weeks.
They were all out.  But just as I was leaving my friend at
the store gave me four bunches because they weren't in
good condition, and she couldn't sell them.  After editing
them at home, I ended up with quite a nice bouquet.

And up on the wall in full view at the store was my "famous" pie
painting that I created to celebrate Pi Day.

If you don't get this on time to eat Pie on the right day, eat
it tomorrow.  Numerically it will be wrong, but who will know?

Have an eating pie day.

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