Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Q & D -- supposedly although everything is hyper clean

At home
acrylic ink on notebook paper
6 x 8 inches
Barbara Muir © 2020
Hi everyone,

How are you doing? I hope you are doing well.  I seem to be
way busier than I was a couple of weeks ago before this hit.
How can that be true?  Well shifting my one evening a week
course over to online, telephone and video has been time
consuming, but I think we've got it.

So I hope you are remaining happy.  It was a beautiful day
today -- too beautiful I guess because everyone got out
in the streets for a little while, being careful, social distancing,
but there must have been way too many people in the parks in Toronto,
and for now they are closed.  Not fun.

I've been speaking to people all over the world in the past few days
and our stories are very similar.  So get a good book, grab a
cup of tea, and settle in.  Stay safe, and stay sane and happy.

Quick and dirty?  This little sketch for you tonight.  Not all
that quick, and not dirty at all.  Come on.  So many surfaces,
so much rubbing alcohol.  So much obsessive hand washing.
And all to the good.  I did this with an acrylic pen that I
revived by soaking it in water.  It works erratically, and
unpredictably -- so when I want a fine line, it goes heavy,
once in awhile it lets go with too much ink, and then suddenly
I can't get a line at all with it.  This seems perfect for right now.
All of life is either too much -- or shortage, going well,
or completely stopped.  Stay healthy please.

Have a happy day.


Verna said...

Barbara, I love this sketch!!
But then I love pens that are functioning erratically at the best of times - the half-dead Sharpie paint marker is my drawing tool of choice, and I ask friends to give me their used pens because the bit of life left in them is perfect.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

The problem that was, and still is the biggest one on the planet before this horrible plague, is
the environment, and I am fully conscious that so much of what I use as an artist is not good
for the environment. I would love it if governments made it illegal to sell anything that
harmed the environment period. But I know that if I'm using an acrylic pen, I want to use it
to the max. In fact mine is refillable, but the store isn't open, so I can't go in and have them
show me how to do that. I love what you said. A fellow in my class last term took all the
markers we use on the whiteboard home to revive them by soaking them in water. Some revived,
some were genuinely gone, but I so appreciated that level of concern.

Now the art store I'm going to will recycle almost anything to do with their art supplies, so
when they reopen I will take in a bunch of things that they will accept.

Love your work, and thanks so much for the comment.


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