Monday, March 16, 2020

Three Ws --- Wisdom, Wash, Watch

Deepak visits Pugwash
Acrylic on birch panel
5 x 7 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
(read more about this here)
I love simple formulas in hard times.  If you are on
line with Deepak Chopra through Instagram or
Facebook, he is wonderful.  My painting tonight is
of Deepak.  I did it for myself to have a guru in the
studio -- someone wise and kind, and he exemplifies
wisdom, understanding and kindness.  Incredibly
important qualities -- and especially critical now.
So that's number 1 -- Wisdom.  Also years ago I
saw Deepak in person giving a talk, and he is everything
he seems and more in person.

Wash is what everyone is advising us to do. Wash your
hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.  It sounds
like such a simple request, but you need to think about
it and be conscious of how vital that is to keep
remembering.  And given the terrifying intensity of
the virus coming at us, it feels almost too simple.
But we will keep on doing that because we can.

Watch covers a number of ideas.  Watch the world go
by from your window, balcony or porch.  In Canada
when it's warm enough sit outside and watch the
birds.  I find their love of spring coming heartening.
Watch the distance between you and strangers if you
have to go out, and can.  Many of us are still working
and need to see others in our working day.

And for your joy factor -- watch some TV.  I beg the night
time comedians to come back -- even though they can't have
audiences.  We super need humour right now.   So watch
your favourite movies. Watch videos, get a series you love
on Netflix, or borrow videos from your friends.  In Toronto
libraries, art galleries, cafés, movie theatres -- so many forms
of pleasure and entertainment are closed.    We need to
share ideas on this to keep ourselves, healthy, sane and

Have a great day.

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