Thursday, March 26, 2020

Sweet signs of kindness in my neighbourhood

A Magic Day in the Neighbourhood
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 24
Barbara Muir © 2016
(The playground here is currently closed --
as are all playgrounds across the GTA --
but it will come back into use again, 
and we'll all be so happy.)
Hi Everyone,

I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to go for walks during
the past couple of weeks.  And today my husband took me out
to a park by the lake (which is still open -- even though most
parks are closed) for my walk (got to try and get a walk in
as often as possible.).

On my route around our own neighbourhood lately, with almost no one
out on the streets, I have run into such lovely things.

Someone put orange posters on the lampposts on streets near
me.  These had bright suggestions to make someone walking
by feel happy -- like, "Count the lampposts between here and
your home", or "Make up a dance and do it four times."

Then yesterday one house in the neighbourhood was giving
out coloured chalk for sidewalk messages.  The children up
my street have decorated the sidewalk with hearts and
messages like, "We're going to be okay!" and "We'll get
through this."

I am so touched by the videos people are sharing of art
exhibitions, concerts, dance parties online, with everyone
uploading videos of themselves dancing to the music while
their staying at home. We will get through this, and thank
you to everyone who is helping us make it through.  Stay
safe, and stay healthy.

Have a being creative and staying healthy day.


laura said...

What wonderful messages! Wish I had some chalk!
Love the painting, and it's cool blue undertones.

Verna said...

Hello Barbara! I am so glad you are continuing to post on your blog. I always get a positive lift reading your words, and seeing your lovely beautiful images.

Sidewalk chalk, how cool! I can just picture it, all the drawins and messages. The thing I love most about kids - and artists for the most part - is that they are both thoughtful and hopeful, always, for better things to come.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laura,

I drew a couple of hearts on the sidewalk and wrote "Don't worry be happy!" My admiration
for the kids a couple of houses up the street and their beautiful rainbows and hearts grew
immensely. The sidewalk is finely ridged and extremely difficult to draw on - and they did it.
Mine looked a bit tragic, but there you go. In this case I really felt it was the thought that counts.
Yes we live in a loving neighbourhood, and I hope everyone stays safe and well. Take care.
I so love your work.


Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Verna,

We have a big job now, and in the days to come to do what you say and stay thoughtful and hopeful. I have been
finding it hard to make art, but will work on something new today for awhile. The news is continuously daunting.
But we are staying alert, and vigilant about cleaning, not touching our faces, and for the most part staying home,
except for necessary shopping and walking the dog. Animals are such a gift at this point. All that they know is that
we're around too much, but after a bit of complaining, and some treats the dog and two cats settle in with us wherever we are.

Love your work. Stay healthy and safe.


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