Friday, September 23, 2022

Falling for it

Self portrait

marker on drawing paper
7 x 10 inches
Barbara Muir © 2022

It was a cold beautiful day, and the roofers were missing material they
needed to finish the roof. So we escaped the roofing noise briefly, I
went out into the garden, and I enjoyed the peace of the beginning of
fall, 2022.

An artist friend says that if you have a pencil, you've got no excuse for not
producing a drawing. Of course I have a pencil, but I also have pens. And
now that it is September 23, I’m well aware that Inktober is approaching.
My friend might also say that if you don’t have a subject for a portrait try
using yourself as the subject.

So I took a quick picture of myself – no make up, in my rough at home
artist’s clothes. If you live with animals, and you’re a painter, you need
clothes that stay home and inside, and clothes for leaving the house.

My artist clothes of course have paint on them – and the same clothes are
frequently covered with hair from my two Siamese cats, Fiona and Monet,
and my dog Sally who is part Border Collie, part Jack Russell and part Kelpie.
She sheds in three different colors. I love having animals, and I don’t really
fuss about the hair, but I am aware that when I go out I need to make sure I have a
different wardrobe.

Following my friend's advice, this is what I produced. I don’t think my
self portraits ever look like me, but I like this one.

Have a loving your life day.

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