Saturday, September 3, 2022

Going to the Louvre and friends from a past art show

The Louvre
Barbara Muir © 2016

Thinking about this story, I realized it needed revising. It was so
wonderful to meet the people we met this morning at the market.
And the day had some sad news I can't share, but I must include
the happy end of the day, which is that I am showing in a virtual medium
being displayed in the Carousel du Louvre in October, in the Louvre
Museum in Paris, and we are going to Paris to see it. More about this at
a later date.

Friend from the Brickworks Market, Staz 
with his friend Nicole came
to the show Magic Land in 2017
(Now Nicole and Staz have a baby. We were
delighted to talk with them for a few minutes
today. I don't remember their last names.)

Today was a strange day.  In some ways hard, and in others
wonderful.  We began our day at the market and ran into this
lovely couple who we met when Staz was working for the market farmer
we visit -- Jens from Marvellous Edibles.. And that was a wonderful
beginning to the day, so I'm going to talk about that.

This picture is from 2017, and today when we saw them the
couple have a beautiful one and a half year old baby girl!  Nicole is in 
Tech Strategy, and Staz is a firefighter for Toronto Fire Services
who works a lot in social crisis situations.

This photo is from my last exhibition in the Barns Magic Land with Gill Cameron.
It was an amazing show. 

And yes as I strangely added at the beginning. I am going to see
the Louvre again in October.

Have a loving the people you meet day.

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