Sunday, September 25, 2022

Our school house has received some damage

The school house near
Wallace, Nova Scotia today

Photo: Greg Smiley © 2022
Blog: Barbara Muir © 2022

Whether you heard about it or not, a major storm from hurricane
Fiona hit the maritime provinces in Canada. Yesterday when this
was happening, we were safely in Toronto, listening to the radio,
and watching the news on T.V.  We always listen to Ocean 100,
a P.E.I. radio station in the car, and were getting horrific accounts.

The main thing for us is knowing that our friends are safe. And
so far the friends who've reached out to us, and that we've contacted,
are okay. Whew!

One of our friends braved a highway blocked in places by downed
trees today to check out our school house, and this is one of his
photos. As far as damage goes, we are lucky. Many buildings have
been damaged irreparably.  Still from this distance, this photo
breaks are hearts.

Here is a bit from a post I wrote four years ago about the school
house. It's vital to appreciate what you've got, and the moment 
you're living in.

"As I write this it is very late and the sky outside is
filled with stars and the Milky Way.  Only 25% of
Canadians live where they can see the Milky Way and
we are there.  Steven has rigged up the tripod for his
big star watching binoculars to hold his camera, and
is taking photo after photo.

But the experience is impossible to capture on a camera
in a way, because what we see, and what the camera sees
are so different.  There is the full orchestra effect of the sound
of the wind, and crickets, and the occasional strange night
moaning of a gull on the tidal river, the land behind us
backs onto.

Today we have seen deer, (one was right at the edge of
the road to the beach we visit), a  black bear, far off on
 that same road, a pair of seals, a fox, a flock of small
sandpiper like birds, and a skunk (which was by the highway
and ran off into the fields without incident).

It is hard to imagine this place becoming everyday or
ho hum.  It digs deep into your psyche, which is why
we fell in love with Nova Scotia when our children were

Have a loving your life day.

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Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

I hope you get back to Nova Scotia soon to see your house and that it is ok. Such devastation for so many. It must be very worrying and heartbreaking ❤️🤗

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