Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby boy is growing up

Sam playing trains on the real
engine at the Ottawa Science Center

Mothers are a sorry lot. Not really -- but we love our children,
and according to experts some of us love them too much.
I am not a religious person, which doesn't mean I'm not
spiritual, but I am always moved by the tenderness in
pictures of mothers and children. These images, whether
they're the Renaissance Madonnas or the wonderful paintings
by Mary Cassatt get to me, because I can feel the emotion
coming through the paint.

In case you're out there wanting your portrait done, let it
be known I'd love to paint a mother and her children,
and this fall is a good time for it. Why? Because my
last baby other than my cats and dog, is going off to
university. It seems such a short time since he was
a bouncing baby, a funny and serious little boy who
loved trains, a terrific speaker in middle school, and an
all round wonderful student, musician, and actor in
high school.

Sam posing for one of my

Mothers love their children, and that's why they
encourage them to have dreams and follow them.
I know that a life in art is hard, but I also know how
rewarding it can be. That's why when my youngest
decided he wanted to get an acting degree we said yes.

Detail from Shorelines Beaches Spring Break
featuring Sam
Tomorrow he goes off to university. He has been
a treat to raise, and I'm looking forward to hearing
all about his new adventure.

Grown up Sam buying flowers for his girlfriend

Have a grateful-for-the-children-in-your-life day.


Susan Carlin said...

You have a beautiful son and I can feel your pride and sadness at his growing up. I'm painting a mother-daughter portrait right now and it's the mother who's gone and the daughter feeling that sadness and ongoing love. I love your bold and wonderful paintings and will be back to see your mother and child portrait that's on its way.

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Susan,

that means a lot to me coming from you.

I'm calling it in -- so it must be
going to happen.


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