Saturday, August 9, 2008

City of art

If this were any other summer in the past 13 years we would be
heading home from our holiday in Nova Scotia right now.
No, I'm not crying about it. I think we fared pretty well
considering what we were working with here. But I do
have to mention that one of the highlights of the trip home
is staying over night in Quebec City.

The boardwalk in old Quebec City

In my opinion Quebec is one of the most beautiful cities in
Canada, so if you're not from Canada, or if you haven't been
there you should check it out. Art is integral to Quebec
culture, not some sort of add on, or after thought. So
there is a lot of art to see, be immersed in, touch and even
buy, in town. Plus the whole place - especially the
the old town and downtown is picturesque -- magnificent
window boxes spilling over with flowers decorate every house.
Painted doors and windows in every colour, add to
the beauty. Style, history, culture and elegance are
everywhere as you walk through the town, or hitch
a ride on a horse drawn carriage.

I love the place, and if I sound like a travel brochure, it's
because I've been there at least 26 times, and you do
get to know what to be fond of in that time. I haven't
even mentioned food yet -- which is almost always
good, and so important that even the lesser
restaurants serve delicious meals. Yum...

We always walk from our hotel, through old Quebec,
along the boardwalk, up the steps, across the Plains
of Abraham and home. That works out to 8,000
steps. Not bad. But you still have to wander around
for 2,000 more to get your day's total in.

Have a thinking in French evening.


Anonymous said...

Barbara, I had no idea that you have been to Quebec City so often. I was only there once.....for the winter carnival as a teenager. It was fun.....but I would like to go again and stay in the old town. What hotel do you usually stay at? Is it downtown? What a great idea!

Barbara Muir said...

Now we stay at the Hilton, just
outside the old town, because the hotel accepts dogs and treats them well. But we used to stay in a
charming little hotel inside the old
city. I'll get the name for you.


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