Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting out in the rain

For the six weeks I had my cast on it rained every day. I'm
glad we didn't get the heat we're finally getting now at the
end of August, but rain is hazardous for people on crutches,
so I didn't get out much.

Nasturtiums in the rain

Today it rained and I was so excited, because I could safely
go into the garden anyway. I have my walking cast, but it's
waterproof. I just started taking some pictures
of my flowers, and poof -- the rain stopped.

This small flower painting from a few years back expresses
the sheer joy I feel every year, when the snow leaves us,
the mud season is over and flowers start appearing everywhere.
We always have flowers in the house, but it's a whole different
thing to see their colour decorating every front yard.

Flowers at play
5" x 7"
acrylic on watercolour paper

Have a flower-filled day.


Theresa Rankin said...

Wonderful shot and great little study Barbara!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! nice photo. And your painting is wonderfully fresh. Cool.

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Theresa,

and thanks for your wonderful support. It means a lot to me.


Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Eldon,

We planted those nasturtiums about
three weeks ago -- with all the rain
they already look like they've been
there all summer. Glad you liked the
little flowers.


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