Friday, August 8, 2008

The real deal

I'm on holiday -- and I have a broken ankle --
so I spent the day very pleasantly being driven around
the countryside outside Toronto, on a short road trip
to Keswick on Lake Simcoe. When we looked at
the incredibly lovely waterfront houses, I confess that I was
fantasizing about winning the 43 million on the Lotto 649
draw, so I'm putting it out there -- I'm ready to win. I am
ready to win in every area of my life -- although I feel
certain that I already am a winner in the great life I lead.

But of course in between humming the songs on the radio,
and chatting with Steven I was also musing about the
work I need to get back to and start next week, and
about the fall shows.

People looking at my painting
In the garden
a portrait of my friend, Carolee
at the Don Valley Art Club Fall show

I like the picture I'm putting in today, because it
highlights one of the real reasons I paint. I know there
are artists who never want their work to see the light of day.
I am not them. I paint for you, and you and you --
my audience. That doesn't mean I change my
style for you, or paint in a way you dictate. It
means that it gives me great pleasure when you
enjoy my art.

In art circles (and I used to write for an art
magazine) there are great debates on
decorative art versus serious art. I am a
serious artist -- that is I care about what I
do, but my art like my life is based on
the search for pleasure and joy. It's not
always easy to accept the joy life has to
offer, or even to see it. But I try not to get
sidelined by little things like breaking my
ankle. I believe being buoyant is helpful
in even the most difficult of situations.
And I send my audience my love. It's
there in the colours I choose, in the
subjects I decide to paint, and in the
incredible pleasure it gives me to do
what I do.

Have a loving your audience day.

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