Thursday, August 7, 2008

Visual Generosity

All the photos in today's blog are by
Christopher Muir, my son, taken
on a recent holiday in South Korea

Beautiful Rock

A couple of my landscape paintings this year were inspired by
my friend Flora Doehler's beautiful photographs of Bear
River. True my work looked nothing like her photographs,
but I really appreciated the spirit of generosity, which allowed
me to work from them.

Inside the Beomosa temple

My son Christopher, has the same spirit of generosity. He
is a trained pro photographer, but is currently teaching
English in Korea. The other day he sent me some
spectacular images from a recent vacation he took with
his girlfriend, Megan. I'm on vacation myself right now
and not creating any paintings for my blog. My artistic
soul like the rest of me, needs the rest. So I asked if
I could use some of Christopher's beautiful shots on my
blog, and he emailed me back right away to say go ahead.

The south gate

I'll include some today, and some another day. I really
think blogging is about sharing, and that visual
sharing is a good practice for artists to engage in.
We can't be one another, or ever produce identical
work to one another, once we know that we can
definitely learn from one another.

The beautiful Buddha lined walls along Seokbulsa.

Christopher and Megan
at the Udo Island lighthouse

These pictures are from the album
From the album:
"Korea, Korea. Vacation, Vacation."
by Christopher Muir

Have a sharing the bounty day.

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