Thursday, August 28, 2008

Watching politics unfold

Tonight I've been watching the Democrat's convention in the
United States, and seeing Barack Obama make history.
Whatever your politics, or country, the fact that Obama
has become the Democrat's candidate to be
the next president of the United States will send a
profound message of change around the world.
I am glad that we were witnesses to that change.

I know some of my friends in America will not
be voting for Barack. But if what he said about
the United States has meaning politically, it
has even more meaning in the artistic community.
We are united no matter which political party we vote for
-- this is as true in Canada as in the United States.
Our party is the party of creativity, and all of us belong

More than half of my relatives live in the United States,
in California, and I was thinking about them tonight.
The rest of my closest family lives in or near Ottawa,
our nation's capital -- the center of Canadian

The view through the trees
Chelsea, Québec

Let's take a break from painting tonight. I've been
painting all day, but nothing's ready. Instead
here's a shot taken from my brother's back
deck a few weeks ago, looking over the Gatineau
River. Let this picture, be what Oprah would
call a breathing space.

Have a space-to-breathe night.


Anonymous said...

I'm a card carrying member of the creative party. I like the way you think.

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Eldon,
I like the way you think too.
Thanks for the wonderful demo.


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