Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Mostly "Staycation"

A couple of months ago I was watching Jon Stewart
joking about the new phenomenon the "staycation."
At the time I thought 'how ridiculous! Why would
anyone stay home when they could get away?' And then,
as you know if you follow this blog -- I broke my ankle,
and our planned trip to Nova Scotia was off.

Aside from five days in Ottawa we've spent the biggest
part of this holiday -- right here in our own house.
Wow! Here are more shots of my son Christopher's
holiday in Korea. Thank you to everyone who sent
images, called to report from the four corners of
the earth, and described in delicious detail what we
might enjoy in summers to come.

Megan completely lost. Let's keep walking.

I'm glad that other people are doing fascinating things
with their time off, and emailing me their pictures,
and writing about it on their blogs, because this
year I am an armchair tourist for sure.

Megan enjoying the beautiful view on the hike from hell.

Today -- the last day of our holiday we had two
adventures. Steven brought home delicious
Thai food from Bua Thai for supper, and we
ventured to Indigo at Yonge and Eglinton to get
books. That Indigo store has an elevator to
transport people in wheelchairs between the
first and second floors, but no ramp to let you
into the store if you get off the elevator from
the parking garage, which
only lets you out at the second floor.

The story of how we got into the store is long
(as in it was a long way, and very round about)
and dull, so let's just say we ultimately
triumphed and I have two new novels for when
I get back to work painting, writing and
preparing my courses tomorrow.

Christopher, and a big ol' volcanic rock.

These pictures are from the album:
"Korea, Korea. Vacation, Vacation."
by Christopher Muir

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