Friday, August 1, 2008

My friend Flora

One of the luckiest accidents to happen to me in
recent years was meeting my friend Flora Doehler.
She is a great artist -- her art sings with colour,
joy, exuberance.

And Flora puts her money where her mouth is.
Sick of the nine to five, high pressured, city
life in Toronto, and eager to devote herself
to her art, and live in the company of like minded
souls, Flora and her husband Larry moved to
Bear River, Nova Scotia last fall. They just
picked up stakes and set off with their
cat to drive to a new life.

Flora Doehler
Recent Work
acrylic on canvas

I miss her more than I can ever say. Visiting
her home/studio in Toronto was always an
inspiration. Larry is a metal artist, and incredibly
handy, so every corner of their house was filled
with ideas of how to paint, design, arrange a
warm inviting home.

Flora also led me kicking and screaming into
blog land. I couldn't do it, when she first
proposed the idea. But after reading her
delightful blog for months, I realized how
much I looked forward to reading her blog
every day, and decided to start one of my

I'm not surprised that things are going
well for her in Bear River, and that people
love her and Larry wherever they go.
Her wonderful laugh, kind smile, and
inspiring ideas are all the passport she'll ever

Have a creatively flowering day.


Anonymous said...

Barbara....what nice things you have to say! Thank you my dear!
I had long admired your brilliantly coloured and vibrant portraits that hung at our Art Club Shows. One day I was in there sitting the show and mentioned to someone how much I liked your work. She said "well Barbara happens to be here, let me introduce you". I was thrilled to meet the artist behind the beautiful work and apparently you had also noticed my work too!
We had lots of shows together, thanks to your organizational skills! Then, when I developed frozen shoulder, you picked me up at work and took me against my will to see Judy Adler, a fabulous chiropractor who worked with me in her soft-tissue way to eventually restore my shoulder.
If not for your intervention, I might have spent years waiting to regain the use of my arm!!
I miss you too Barbara and am so glad that you are blogging...I look forward to it all the time.....AND it's great to see your beautiful, inspiring paintings.
Have an inspirational day!

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Flora,

I forgot all about the Judy thing!

She's away this summer, and Steven
has frozen shoulder.
You are great!


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