Sunday, September 5, 2010

Goodbyes, new beginnings, super supper, waves and stars

Zoey from above
(I see this drawing is not quite finished)
black marker on bond paper
6 x 9 inches
Barbara Muir © 2010

This weekend was set as the time for the trek to
Windsor to take Sam down to school. We left
yesterday, drove to Windsor, unloaded Sam's
stuff and went out for dinner together. Today
Sam had breakfast with us in the hotel, we
traipsed around the stores in Windsor with him
buying the remainder of what he needs, like
millions of other parents all over North America,
then checked out of our hotel, and said a last
goodbye before the school term starts.

I have the normal nostalgia for our summer
together. Sam worked hard this summer to save
money for school, and I could almost watch him
growing up day by day. I find that just as exciting
now as I did when he was a little boy. But I will
miss our talks, the occasional dinner together,
and just seeing him.

Still I also feel the excitement for him of a new
school year beginning, a chance to see friends,
and learn wonderful new lessons. I know this
will be true for all of us.

The lovely bay at Port Stanley

On the way home Steven and I stopped in Port
Stanley, as we do whenever we get the chance.
M.E. and Suzie's in Port Stanley, is without
a doubt one of my favorite restaurants on the
planet. I wanted to say the best restaurant on
the planet, but Steven started to remind me of
the eight or ten others we've been too that are
really good. This one is really good, in fact

The waves at night (gorgeous big waves which
my camera is a bit too small to record accurately.)

After supper we walked on the beach under the
stars. That was beautiful. Hurricane Earl has sent
wild winds, and huge breakers rolled in on the
normally quiet Lake Erie. I stood listening to the
waves, and looking at the stars and was entirely
happy. I tried to photograph the waves but the light
was too dim.

The drawing tonight is Zoey my dog from above.
Looking closely I see that I'm not quite finished the
drawing, but it's soooo late. I have to go to bed.
To all the parents saying goodbye to grown up
children, I think everything is going to be all
right. We all need our space, and a little time
away is a truly good thing. Meanwhile I certainly
do miss Sam.

Have a saying-goodbye-and-sending-love day.


Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

This is a wonderful post (and drawing). I am so glad I checked in before heading to bed. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and experienced some of that same melancholy I was feeling last week. I can see through your words that, no matter how old, our children will always provide us with moments of deep pride and nostalgia.

I hope your Sam has a wonderful year that will include lots of great visits with his mom.

XO Nicki

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

Thanks so much. I really appreciate
your understanding. We did have a wonderful weekend, and yes I miss my
"boy" who is 6'4" and in many respects a grown man. But I miss hearing him come into the house, and his kindness every day. I know he'll have a wonderful year, and he won't have lots of visits with his Mom, but he will have some. I will be really happy to see him in about a month.

I love your work and your writing.

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