Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rocking on with Artwalk

It was a great day at the walk -- St. Clair Artwalk that is.   A steady
stream of visitors came in, and although the doors were officially
closed at 4 p.m., people stayed having great conversations
until 7 p.m.  Tomorrow wraps it up, and
it's been major fun.  I love meeting new people and learning
about their views on art.  Tonight I'm pretty beat, so my sweetie
and I are just going to watch a movie at home.
Lyn and Kaya
On loan for the studio tour
Acrylic on canvas with gold leaf
36 x 48 inches
Barbara Muir © 2009

My images tonight are of the studio getting ready for visitors who love
art.  I've been thinking about my message.  Alyson Stanfield
recommends knowing what you want to say, so tomorrow all
rehearsed I'll tell people what I'm doing.  The story is that the
visual world excites me every single day.  I can never record
all that I see, but I get to paint people who most often become
fast friends, and friends who become subjects.  Plus this summer
the gardens everywhere have been like a love song to summer,
so much of my art sings along with the city's flowers --
gorgeous and like many of my favorite paintings high-key in colour
treatment.  My paintings of flowers lead me back to the source of
my happiness -- this glorious planet.  In summer the live flowers
speak to me, and as summer is waning, the colour they created
continues to dance in my flower paintings -- which are like a
thank you letter to the universe.  And my portraits are a record
of all of the emotion generated during the intensive process of
keeping a moment, or a period in a person's life alive.  Whether
they are from photos or live sittings, I connect with that person's
essence, the person's humour, passion, loves, talents, viewpoints,
musical taste, and I know I am so lucky to have that experience.
How's that for an explanation?

 The studio looking fairly crowded

Thanks for being my kind friends.  I so enjoy your thoughts and


Elizabeth Seaver said...

I believe that is the most beautiful art statement I have read in a long time. I know it comes from the heart and is, therefore, genuine. That's the most important thing about an artist's writing about his/her own work, that it be real.

I'm so glad the art walk was inspirational and had good conversation and friends at the end of the day.

Your crowded studio with your wonderful work is a lovely, happy place. Blessings, Barbara!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm so glad you like my statement.
Having worked as a writer in the corporate sector, I really don't want a standard explanation that skims over the surface. The truth as it probably is for most artists is all about a passion that can't be regulated -- like love. Like the love for our children, or significant other. So we are lucky. I think about your paintings all the time. They are
unique and wonderful.

XOBarbara said...

That's a *great* explanation, and so well suited to your art, your studio space and your articulate & generous heart. You live your life with passion and you paint your world the same way.Bravo and congrats on the Studio Walk. :)

eldon said...

I'll bet you're totally worn to a frazzle.

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