Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peace in the middle of chaos

Down to the sea with Dad
Stage 1 - 3
Acrylic on canvas
12 x 36 inches
Barbara Muir © 2010
(Here's a landscape featuring
our favorite beach in Nova Scotia.
At high tide there's almost no beach,
and the dune grasses shimmer. I
probably won't do much more with the
grass, but now the sky is next on
the agenda for this one.)

Today I realized that I have more to do than is
probably humanly possible. Oh boy I thought.
How can I do what I need to get done? But I
had too much to do to spend a lot of time
thinking. In the parking lot at school I noticed
great green waves of leaves topped with flowers in mauve
and yellow, wildflowers competing for attention.
Lovely puffy white clouds shimmered and glowed
with brilliant sun struck edges up above against
a blue sky. Hurry up I yelled internally.

But on the way home. The same feeling of joy
persisted. I fed a seagull a piece of carrot and
caused a glorious fly by. I sat in a heavy traffic
jam belting out songs from my radio. I could not
shake a feeling of glee. So there you have it. I'm
working steadily towards my ultimate goal --
a great weekend. But if I'm not ready on time my
excuse will be the happy gods, who got a hold of me.

Have a happiness-you've-really-got-a-hold-on-me day.

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