Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Okay we are mad

Fresh from Heather's Garden
Acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir © 2010
(almost complete -- tonight
I worked on eliminating as
much as possible of the orange
ground showing through. The
vase has been yellow, pink,
yellow again since you saw it last.
I'm happy with the painting now.)

One of the hardships of being an artist is a tendency
to spontaneity. No it's more than that, it's an
addiction to spontaneity. Even though many of us
work long hours, putting in disciplined and stringent
days. We like to think of ourselves as free spirits,
and this gets us into trouble. Now my husband, and
staunchest supporter is a photographer when he has
time, and an amazing woodworker. Nevertheless it
comes as a surprise even to me to see how strongly the
impulsive artist vibration resides in him. Working
15 hour days or longer as his norm, he like me,
can get swallowed up in the moment.

If there's one thing
Zoey is impatient with
it's a beginner. Steven practices
with the beginner books
we had for our kids on the
"new" piano.

Which is how right now we are the proud owners of
a piano. Yes. We bought it last week at a contents
sale. It is in fairly good condition, and three very
strong piano movers brought it into our house yesterday.
But here's the funniest thing of all. We don't play the
piano. We both took lessons for a few years as children,
but that was it. Now I guess we'll resume that musical
pursuit. Funny.

Stay tuned, or should I say stay untuned, and we'll
get it tuned.

Have an it's-okay-to-be-spontaneous day.


Linda Popple said...

Wonderfully fun painting!

Good luck with the piano! :-)

Melinda said...

Yowza! A piano! What fun you two will have. Good medicine for such hard working artists.

Love, love, love the look on Zoey's face. Priceless.

And that painting...whoa. Really fantastic. You. Know. Flowers.

Gwen Bell said...

Gosh, this is gorgeous. Love the way the black dances around the small blossoms. This would make a great fabric!

Have fun with that piano!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Linda,

I am so happy with it. I've been down at the piano today practicing scales. Got to pull myself away. The thing is worse than a computer. Who knew?

Take care,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Yep. Kind of spontaneous like. Oh my. Watch out. I can play quite a few one handed childhood songs really,really badly. When what I'd like to play is Aretha.

Glad you like the Jimi I put there for you.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Gwen,

I love how you see the world as fabric now. But what a compliment. Thanks for your sweet encouragement, as always you've made my day.


PPH said...

Way to go, I too am going to buy a piano someday and I've never had a lesson in my life.
I'm coming to TO on Oct. 30th, would love to see you.
love, pat

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