Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well sir, that's all she wrote -- another super day

Every time we finish a meal my husband has cooked, he
says, "well sir, that's all she wrote."  Meaning the meal is
finished, there isn't any more.  Sometimes he adds "I'm sorry..."
on the front end of that statement, and we all groan because he's
an amazing cook, and we are always more than happy with
his meals.
A couple of paintings over the mantle in the basement.
The large painting is A Gift for You, and the small one
is New Apples in a bowl.  For a very short
while I collected wooden sailboats.  Here are
two of them from Nova Scotia.

Artwalk was like one of Steven's dinners in a way,
completely fulfilling and wonderful.  I had another amazing
day today, and enjoyed every minute, and all the super
people who came by, from noon to the late afternoon when we
finally pulled up my signs, and called it another day.  So fun.

 Small paintings lined up on the basement wall
-- it's the end of the day, the labels
are missing or looking a bit rough, and the paintings
like me could use some straightening up,
but they're happy.

Here's what I wrote at the beginning of the day today for you.

After a week of working you need something pretty special
to get you to work Saturday and Sunday all day. the St. Clair
Artwalk is that intangible event that can get you up out of
your bed, away from your novel and ready to meet whoever
comes in the door.  It makes me proud to be part of this
thriving community in the center of a city filled with vibrant
neighbourhoods.  I love my city.  So maybe Artwalk and the
dedication it requires lets me express that affection to anyone
who comes in wanting to see my art.  A couple of coffees,
washing my face, and I am ready to see, curious to see who
visits.  It's like a party -- you never know how it's going to
turn out, but when your feelings at the start are warm and
positive, it goes extremely well.  That's been my experience.
It's the morning before the second day.  I feel like I've found
my place in the scheme of things.  If you are in town, please
drop in.

P.S. I was right.  It was a wonderful day.


eldon warren said...

It would have been nice to have "dropped in". I'm glad you had a good day.

Melinda said...

It sounds like you had a successful and pleasant artwalk. I'll bet your audience will be talking about your lively/beautiful work for a long time. I hope you get some portrait commissions from the weekend as well.

Congratulations on another endeavor well done!

Wish I could have dropped by, too!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

Yes it would. And I would have freaked out, then given you a glass of wine. I'm afraid yesterday I could barely keep track of whether or not I'd give someone any wine, whether I'd given them pizza or cookies. It got wild at some points.

You would have had to stay to the end, or arranged to come back and have dinner with Steven and me. Now that would have been fun.

Take care,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Thank you for your kind comment. I think you are right that there will be some discussion about the event. I think I did get some commissions too. So all is well. Thanks for your congratulations. Yep. Cross that off the list (which grows and grows) (the list that is).

Oh my, you would have had to stay for a few days because everyone would get upset that I was just talking to you, and forgetting my duties as a host.

Please do drop in whenever you want to!


Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

I am so glad it was a wonderful weekend for you. I thought about you lots and wish I could have stopped by to visit.

Nicki XO

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