Sunday, January 26, 2020

A very happy day in our family!

In the City
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 48 inches
Barbara Muir © 2016
I'm showing you this painting today because I first shared it with
you four years ago around the time of a major event in our lives.
The painting was going in a show on January 29th, and I was close to
finishing it.  In fact it was done.

My dear friend through Skype, and blogging and the Internet, Howard
Wolinsky, a wonderful writer, and photographer regularly takes
gorgeous photos of one of his favourite parks near his home in
Chicago.  One beautiful shot was the inspiration for this
painting -- which I think was a huge turning point in my attraction
to cloud paintings.  This one took it over the top, because the
inspiration was so fabulous.

The reason this day is special to us as a family, is that this is the day
that Alice Isabel Vincett Muir was born. Our first grandchild.  And today
was her fourth birthday.  It was love at first sight for Steven and me, and
that love has grown exponentially in four years.  She is a wonderful,
darling child, and has filled our lives with joy.

Alice at her birthday party,
with Daddy and Mommy
and baby Madeline in
Mommy's arms.
Happy Birthday Alice!
Last summer another magical day happened, when her sister, Madeline
was born.  And now we are doubly blessed.  After Alice was
born I wrote about how life just gets better and better.  And I do
believe that is true for me.  We have hard times, and deep sorrow,
and illness like everyone else, but we have been so fortunate to
meet and know, and befriend such kind and supportive, talented
and funny people.  Today we celebrate one of them.  And in fact
there are two more.

Have a loving your family day.


laura said...

Love the painting-- the way the clouds glow and recede.
And what a sweet face on your granddaughter. Happy birthday, Alice.

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Laura,

I love it too, and I love Howard Wolinsky's photos. Every one of
his works is perfect. Like your work.


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