Friday, January 24, 2020

Great artist friend -- Nancy Boynton Hartley

Sky painting
oil on canvas
Nancy B. Hartley © 2019
Today I had the great good fortune to get to talk to my
friend in California, Nancy Boynton Hartley.  I have
loved Nancy's work since I first saw it.  Her use of
colour is spectacular.  I always feel both happy and
motivated when I see her work.

She can express a landscape in beautiful, abstract
form.  I am totally dazzled.  And a couple of years
ago our friendship moved beyond blogs, Facebook
and now Instagram comments, into phone
conversations, which are always too short, and
always wonderful.

Today we talked about Nancy's super new studio,
and all the light she has.  She marvelled that I can
do large work in a tiny space.  And true our house
is a small Toronto semi, but I feel so lucky to
have a studio right next to my kitchen, so coffee
is always on offer.
Nancy in her studio in California

Thank you for all of the inspiration Nancy.  Maybe
this is the year we get to meet in person.  Watch
out people in the vicinity, there could be some
pretty impressive happy laughter.

Have a talking to friends you love day.


Nancy B. Hartley said...

Please delete, my previous, incomplete comments, have no idea if they went through. Crazy! Technology is not my strong point! Feeling so honored and grateful, to be posted, on your fabulous blog! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are fabulous, in every way, inside, and out, plus the most talented artist, painting huge gorgeous work, in the smallest studio ever! Thrilled to have a great phone conversation, today direct from snowy, Toronto, with the beautiful, Barbara!
Thank you, a million times, my friend!

laura said...

Beautiful painting, so immediate!
You share a powerful color sense!

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Laura,

We do share a powerful colour sense, but Nancy is just completely on with
it full time. I love her work, and of course you know that I love your


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