Sunday, January 19, 2020

Great art friendships -- Flora Doehler

Floral Awakening 
Acrylic on Canvas 
40″ x 30″ 
Flora Doehler ©  2018 
(No one paints flowers
like Flora.  Her flowers
leap off the canvas and feel
like you are right there with them.
The joy and passion she feels
for the natural world is such
a pleasure to see, and her use
of colour is so inspiring to me.) 
Not long after I joined the Don Valley Art Club I
was in a group show with an exciting artist, who
experimented in every way possible it seemed to
me -- her name is Flora Doehler.  The wonderful
thing was that she felt the same way about my work,
and so a friendship happened, as it so often does
in connection with art.

Visiting Flora's house it was clear that she, like me,
loved colour.  The house was brilliantly painted in
gorgeous colours.  And her work was everywhere
and wonderful.  One summer when we were staying
at our school house in Nova Scotia, Flora and her
husband Larry came out to go to a wedding in
Cape Breton, and soon after that most enjoyable
visit, Flora and Larry moved to Bear River to be full
time artists in Nova Scotia. Like us they had fallen
in love with the province, but they decided they had
to live there full time.

In recent years Flora has grown an amazing garden on
her property in Bear River, and is entranced with the
flowers she and Larry nurture.  Plus Flora and Larry
became active in the local art scene, and she sells
her work both in local galleries and directly from her
own studio.

Deep Purple
Acrylic on Canvas 
8 x 8 inches 
 Flora Doehler © 2018  
I was so sad to see Flora and Larry leave Toronto.  We had been
in DVAC shows together, and in smaller group shows in a
public library, and showing with Flora was a treat.
Plus Flora is a force for change, welcoming each new
technology on Social Media as it comes along, and helping
me get on board.

Although my son helped me start my blog, Flora
was urging me to go public a full year before I did, and
ultimately helped as I developed it.  She is fantastic.
And so is Larry, Flora's husband, who is an incredible
artist in jewelry himself.

Have a welcoming your art friends day.


Flora Doehler said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Barbara for your kind words.
Isn't it great that in spite of our geographical distance, we still 'paint' together. When we are on the phone and you describe your current work, I visualize it and, post call, am ready to explore some of what you have described.
I get so much out of your blog stories and artwork'
Best of all is you positive view of the world that lifts so many people, including me.
Your humour is, well, hilarious.
Keep shining that great light Barbara! It sure shows through in your paintings and in all you do. xo

Barbara Muir said...

No Flora,

Thank you for your incredible work, the constant inspiration and all the help you've give me.
These paintings in acrylic ink blew me away, and I created a whole series in acrylic ink because
of your influence.

Love your work, your enthusiasm, your bravery and your friendship.


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